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Below is a list of topics. Clicking a topic will open a list of questions/comments on that topic. Clicking one of these will open my response to that question/comment.

Keep in mind that these can go back a few years.

Global Warming
God - Christianity
Creation vs Evolution
History of the USA
Q Response to a comment that the USA was never founded as a Christian nation and that our founders were all Atheist.
Q What are the benefits of using an electoral college in an election, and why should we keep it around?
Q What are your thoughts about the Electoral College? It has provided traction to those who would “game the system” and snatch the election from the majority vote. I firmly believe that "one person, one vote".
Q All forms of the government serve the people. You’re suggesting the federal government isn’t supposed to care about people? They are the government over the country, and who lives in that country?
Q Response to a comment that one’s faith should not influence one’s political stance.
Q Response to a claim that 'Make America Great Again' was first used by the KKK.
Q Response to a claim that a quote taken from a letter by Alexander Hamilton indicated that he wanted to abolish the electoral college.
Q Response in a blog questioning why vets fly the US flag considering the problems with the VA.
Q Should the American flag be modernized to show more diversity and inclusion? Why can't the BLM, American flag, and Pride flag be incorporated into one flag?
Q What is the role of patriotism in American politics?
Q Why are the 1st and 2nd amendments not updated to ensure the rights of the majority supercede those of the individual? Isn't that democracy?
Q What is the definition of freedom? What are some examples of freedom in America?
Conservatives vs Liberals

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