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Q The baby canít comprehend that the sensation is pain, and it doesnít last long. Would you rather kill a fetus, or a fully developed human?
Q Our founding fathers did not take a stand on abortion.
Q Well guess what? I shouldnít be obligated to house another human being in my body against my will.
Q Killing a 5 year old is in NO WAY the same thing. I believe that's called a false equivalence.
Q Ireland only allowed contraception for anyone, married or otherwise, in the 1970s. If God only wants us to have sex for procreation why did he make it such fun??
Q People who are pro-life want to control the morality of people.
Q Abortion: In just one sentence, why are you pro-life/pro-choice?
Global Warming
God - Christianity
Creation vs Evolution
History of the USA
Conservatives vs Liberals

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