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Global Warming
God - Christianity
Creation vs Evolution
Q Scientists have not begun to suggest there is a designer guiding evolution. Your answer is factually incorrect.
Q What was the hardest concept of evolutionary theory that stopped you from understanding and accepting the evidence for evolution?
Q The Earth is not a closed system. Argument debunked in any basic physics textbook.
Q The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics applies to physical systems not biological systems. Biological systems are open systems - order increases it does not decrease.
Q Open systems - those that input energy, but also those that input information - become more organized rather than disorganized.
Q You forget that the order is coming from the energy produced by the sun, which is losing order at a much larger scale. So, sunlight feeds plants that feed animals. All the while the total system is tending towards disorder - a little order along the way doesnít present a problem for thermodynamics.
Q Which science says the universe is not infinite? Not NASA How Big is the Universe?
Q Response to a comment that because micro-evolution has been observed (evolution within a phylum) that macro-evolution (evolution across phyla) must be a given because they are part of the same process.
Q Response to a comment that if I donít believe in evolution that I am a science denier.
Q A poster provided a link that was supposed to prove that thThe law of entropy does not apply to open systems: Entropy and the 2nd Law in Open Systems
Q What do creationists say about the global flood?
Q How do you convince someone that they just don't understand when they say things like, "I'm not convinced by evolution"?
History of the USA
Conservatives vs Liberals

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