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Global Warming
God - Christianity
Q Why doesn't God save everyone on Earth if the Bible is true?
Q Is the concept of 'Hell' based on reality or is it a product of our imagination or upbringing?
Q Why don't today's Christians believe Jesus when He promised to fulfill everything under the law (Matt 5:17-18) that includes OT prophecies and what He said when walking the earth (Gal 4:4)? Why are some awaiting OT prophecies to be fulfilled?
Q Why do so many people espouse the doctrine of free will when it is obviously false given God's nature as omniscient and the ultimate Decider of all fate?
Q Jesus was perhaps the most anti-religious person to impact life on earth. How is it that he is the joint epicenter of a religion he did not ask or instruct to be in? Is the real Jesus really in Islam or an imposturous religious convenience?
Q In my pursuit to learn I came across the word Panentheism which is defined as: The divine pervades and interpenetrates every part of the universe AND also extends beyond space and time. How is it possible to extend beyond space and time?
Q Isn't the idea of a god irreducibly complex? Is it really possible to postulate the existence of an omnipotent being without invoking special pleading?
Q Why do Catholics think they need to do sacraments to be saved when in the Bible it doesn’t say that? The man next to Jesus accepted him as his savior and Jesus told him he will be with him in paradise.
Q John, I’m thankful for your testimony. Can you help me? I do not understand when you say the “sacraments are way of growing in our faith”. Honestly I do not understand.

Blessings, my friend.
Q If the Bible clearly tell us there's only one God, why do Christians worship Jesus?
Q Why didn't Satan simply create his own planet and humans instead of tempting Eve?
Q Why would a good God create a coronavirus?
Q If God created everything, and He knows everything ahead of time, why did He create Satan?
Q If the "Son of God" was rather the "Daughter of God", would it still be possible to start the same world religion, by worshiping a female divine character? What if God had twins?
Q Catholics believe that man was made in God's image. We also believe God created everything there is. Why wouldn't God make aliens, also in his image?
Q Hell is a human construct, it’s not mentioned in the Bible at all. There is that Lake of Fire but that was added back in the third century for control of the masses.
Q Historically the book called the Bible was written many hundreds of years after the death of jesus from stories and myths. Hardly the same as dictating to your friends. You know your friends. The authors of the various books in the bible never met jesus nor were they his contemporaries.
Q At least I don’t believe something because my parents said so, or a man in a funny outfit reading from a storybook (referring to the Bible) says it’s so.
Q Response to a statement that a supreme being cannot exist.
Q But man created the book from which you quote! Sounds like nonsense to me.
Q The question 'Why do people get angry when Jesus is mentioned' was asked and one response was regarding the fact that many Christians do not act Christian. This was my response to them.
Q Response to a comment that religious people believe in 'magic'.
Q What proof do Preachers have that they have God's approval to tell others what is right?
Q Do you believe God created humans?
Q How would someone who believes in God's sovereignty explain human choice?
Q Why do people say "We are all one" or "We are all connected", but then they see everyone as an individual with their own rights and not as part of a collective whole?
Q If God tells Satan to jump what's Satan gonna do? If he can't disobey God how did Lucifer fall from heaven in the first place? Why does he follow orders when God tells him to punish the evil souls in hell?
Q How do we know that the Bible is a history book?
Q If God is eternal, is his act of creation not eternal? Then everything must be either infinite, or also be eternal if this process started eternity ago. How does that make any sense?
Q How do you undo the damage God has done?
Q Is it possible that there is a god who created our universe, but he doesn't care what we do in it or outside of it?
Q Do you think God will still acknowledge someone if they claim he exists but have not accepted him in their hearts?
Q Do most Christians believe Christian God is the only real God, or do most understand that the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, and science are all describing the same thing?
Q Even if God created many versions of the universe, it remains questionable what is beyond all that. And if God created any universe, wouldn't it have required a more superior entity to have created God? Is there a Super-God out there?
Q Are religious people sure that god is love, and they have found the right one because their (sic) are many?
Q Someone took exception to my reply to the previous question with comments about having "...4 children, and each one was a perfectly wonderful human being..." and "...You further compond the insult by saying 'It's literally impossible'..." and "...old testament - the God so described is anything but love. It is a cantankerous old git who couldn’t organise a barn dance in a brewery..." and "...What sanctimonious drivel...". This was my response.
Creation vs Evolution
History of the USA
Conservatives vs Liberals

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