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Below is a list of topics. Clicking a topic will open a list of questions/comments on that topic. Clicking one of these will open my response to that question/comment.

Keep in mind that these can go back a few years.

Global Warming
God - Christianity
Creation vs Evolution
History of the USA
Conservatives vs Liberals
Q Republican politicians have been referring to voting by African Americans as “voter fraud” and attempting to make it as difficult as possible.
Q "Movement" = "Cult"
Q Answer to a question about wealth re-distribution.
Q Response to a statement that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives because more liberals have been to college.
Q What is the difference between conservative and liberal beliefs? If someone holds conservative beliefs, which political party in the United States would they be more likely to support?
Q In a few sentences, why is your political philosophy, or why are your political answers, best for America?
Q What joke best illustrates the difference between Democrats and Republicans?
Q What is the conservative view on tolerance, acceptance, open-mindedness, and love?
Q What is the saying "Republicans believe in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Democrats believe a helping hand is better" referring to?
Q Why are conservatives so opposed to change?
Q Are Republicans actually opposed to redistributing wealth?
Q In what ways are you conservative?
Q What are the core beliefs of fascism? How does it differ from other ideologies like conservatism or liberalism?
Q What is the difference between liberal democracy and western democracy?
Q What is the conservative party's stance on voting rights in the United States of America?

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