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This subject always generates some interesting conversation.  Usually the main debate is whether the universe and all that is in it, including life, came into being on its own or was put here on purpose.

There really is a war raging between evolution on the one side and creationism on the other.  The following links will provide you with some ammunition before you proceed onto the battlefield.

Here is a perspective on the war between Christianity and evolution.

Here is a perspective on creationism and science.

Click here to read the story of our universe and our existence.

Here is a letter I wrote to the Minneapolis StarTribune after reading an article they printed on whether intelligent design should be taught in school alongside the theory of evolution.  Accompanying the article was a letter someone had written to the Kansas school board belittling the notion of intelligent design.  I referenced both the article and the related letter in my rebuttal.  (By the way, they never published it - are you surprised?)

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