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Current evidence, including the fossil record, indicates that what we see around us was orchestrated by someone with a plan.  Of course, there are those who claim to be able to find a purely scientific explanation for all we see.  Even so, there are many scientists who started out skeptical about intelligent design and were convinced by the evidence.

Here is some information from matierial written by Dr. Hugh Ross, from the video "Journey Toward Creation".  This deals with the requirements for a planet that can support life, and the requirements for a universe where this planet could be formed.

Below is a link to a page with my take on the creation.  Because I am not a professional in any of the disciplines that specialize in this material, the foundation of what is written here is based on the studies and writings of people in those fields.  Much of this material is referenced in various parts of this site.  Where there are direct quotes, these will be noted.  Because this document is the result of a lot of information being filtered through a layman's mind and then put into an order that makes sense to him, I make no claims that anyone in the scientific community would find no fault with my assertions.

Click here to read my humble, non-technical, lay person's description of our origins based on what I've learned on this subject through prayer and reading over the years.

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