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Creationism and Science

Creationism and science may seem like two unrelated entities today, but they did not originate that way.  Some of the best-known scientists of this or any time were also Christians and believed in a Creator.  Click here to see a list of these well-known scientists.  You can also click here to read some quotes by well-known scientists.

Many others began without belief in a Creator and changed their mind later.

A good example of a scientist reversing their belief based on scientific evidence is contained in this news story:

    "The best-known atheist of the last 50 years, Professor Antony Flew, made an announcement in a symposium on science and religion that the discoveries of modern science have led him to accept the existence of God. Flew was joined in the symposium by leading Israeli scientist Gerald Schroeder and noted Scottish thinker John Haldane".

The catalyst for my interest in our origins is Dr. Gerald Schroeder.  He is an applied physicist and an applied theologian whose undergraduate and doctorate degrees were earned at MIT.  He is a resident of Jerusalem and a lecturer and adviser around the world, and his research has been reported in many scholarly publications.  While I have trouble with some of his assertions, much of his picture of the early universe caused a number of light bulbs to go off in my head while I was reading his material.  He is very good at bringing the book of Genesis and the findings of science together.  As a matter of fact, Prof Flew said that the main driving force for his dramatic change in belief was the information he read in Dr. Schroeder's 3rd book, 'The Hidden Face Of God", and in a book written by Roy Varghese, 'The Wonder of the World".

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