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 The Cross of Freedom

The Father

We humans are a very spiritual people.  For as long as we've been on this earth we've been looking beyond our physical existence to the spiritual.  We do this to fill the needs and answer the questions that our physical world cannot satisfy.  Over the course of history, the overwhelming majority of humans have believed in some kind of higher power.  A few wonder, but aren't convinced.  Even fewer believe there is no higher power at all.  It's interesting that many of those in the last two groups will call to a higher power when they are in serious trouble.  This spiritual core is part of all of us - to deny it is like denying that we need oxygen to maintain our physical existence.  It would seem that the spiritual is as much a part of our being as is flesh and bone.

While primitive cultures often believed in many gods, the belief in one all-powerful God reigning over all of existence also goes back to the beginning of recorded history.  These days, most people who believe in God have no trouble accepting that one God is sufficient to have performed all the wonders we see and to have control of the entire universe.  It is understood that having more than one god will cause problems.  Not only is it difficult to avoid ambiguity in the chain of command, but this organizational structure will cause competition between the gods for the attention and loyalty of those who honor them.  I have to believe that we would have seen signs of this in nature if there were more than one God.

The triune God of the Bible is the perfect God.  The all-powerful God the Father; God the Son who is both God and human and therefore our only true connection with the all-powerful Father - He bought our freedom with His own blood; and God the Holy Spirit, residing in the Divine and in us - the ribbon that ties the Divine and the creation together into a perfect and eternal package.  I can't imagine anything more beautiful.

We also can see in nature evidence to indicate that our world wouldn't be what it is without God.  As a matter of fact, God left his signature all over the creation.  See Origins to read about this.  In most cultures, the god at the top is loud, mean, and swings a big stick.  Some cultures believe that their god requires them to kill anybody that is not part of that culture.  However, this makes no sense.  Any all-powerful god would have put all of us here, not just one group of people.  And that god would not have put anyone here intending for them to be target practice for someone else that they also placed here.  This is where the God of the holy Bible rises above any other god that can be conjured up.  Only the God of the Bible is believed to have existed before all physical existence.  Only the God of the Bible is a triune God, a God of three persons - all three being present in the beginning.  And only the God of the Bible made a covenant with us to ensure that even the weakest of His people would have access to Him - and then settled the bill Himself.

While the old testament of the Bible talks about a God who reigns with an iron hand, and the people of those times performed rituals that today we associate with primitive cultures, such as offering animal sacrifices, something happens where the old testament ends and the new testament begins.  God seals the covenant with us that he planned from the beginning of creation - and He provided the sacrificial lamb himself.  You see, when God the Father created the universe planning to put us here, he knew that you cannot have a productive society without the law.  Without the law there is anarchy and chaos.  He also knew that no matter how simple the law is that there would always be those who couldn't stay within it's bounds.  He loved us so much that he wanted every last one of us to have an opportunity to live with him forever.  So he made the law to his level of perfection, a level that none of us could achieve on our own - and then offered us a way to be with Him regardless of our ability to follow the law.  This covenant was sealed by Jesus Christ, God the Son, the Lamb of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity.

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

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