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We humans discussing the Divine is like a group of people blind from birth discussing the sun.  They would have heard of its brightness and beauty, and of its vastness.  They would have felt its warmth and power.  They would have felt that it was sometimes absent, even though it never left the sky nor its proximity to us.  They would know about the sun only what others had told them, what they read about the sun, what they sensed from the sun's effect on their world, and what they felt in their heart.   Even though they would have never actually seen the sun, they would believe without doubt it exists.  And they would also realize that they could understand only the tiniest fraction of all there is to know about the sun.

Though I am woefully small compared to the immensity of scope and size and the depth of meaning that the Holy Trinity represents, I felt that to have no reference to the Divine on this site would be a mistake since this is the center around which all that will be discussed here revolves.  The Holy Trinity is the spiritual center of my life - the reason I feel compelled to build this site.

Trinity is 'Tri' plus 'Unity'  The Holy Trinity is three manifestations united as one deity, and is the God of the Bible.  This triune God is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Related to Divinity, my focus is the Holy Trinity. Since this focus is possible only by acknowledging Jesus' divinity,  I write from a decidedly Christian perspective.

Because The Muslim religion is one of the fastest growing religions per capita in the United States, I feel compelled to address a comparison between Christianity and Islam.  Click here to read an article written by Rick Mathes, who is a well known leader in prison ministry.  Anyone contemplating conversion to Islam should read this first.  It was actually written some months ago, so the time and name references are from the time it was written.

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