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The Holy Bible has a longer history, has been translated into more languages, and is more widely distributed in more countries, than any other book in history.

It contains world history, poetry, letters from historical figures, instructions for living, and the secret to eternal life (which many search for in the wrong places).  It covers all of time, from the beginning of the universe to the end of ages.  All this in a single volume and with a cohesiveness and accuracy that leaves it standing without rival.  On top of all that, it contains a spiritual depth of meaning that, even should we study it our entire lives, we would continue without ceasing to discover new insights and open new doors to the Divine.  The Bible offers us a direct connection to the Divine, to the Holy Trinity.

Is it any wonder that so many people in so many countries regard this book with such high esteem?

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"God never made
his work for
man to mend."

John Dryden


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