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This site is dedicated to the Word and the ultimate symbol of the Word - the holy cross of Jesus.  The cross is our banner of freedom from sin, given to us through unspeakable pain and suffering by Jesus, so that we might live with Him for eternity despite our inablity to follow God's law.

I hope that this site will, in some measure, be a beacon on your path to spiritual contentment.  Ultimately, my prayer is that your journey will take you to the peace that surpasses all understanding - the deep and abiding peace found only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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There is a link to the site map between the Cross and the navigation panel on the left.  This contains an outline of the entire site with links to every page.  The date to the right of each topic is the most recent date that page was updated.  This makes it easier for you to see instantly what has been updated since your last visit.

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