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Global Warming - Overview

Contrary to what GW proponents like to say, those of us who aren’t wringing our hands with worry over global warming are not climate change deniers.  Climate change is a regular and natural thing on this planet and has been occurring since before mankind was even here.  I personally know nobody who denies climate shifts on Earth, but nearly everyone I know is also not a global warming alarmist.

There’s no question that being aware of our effect on the environment is good policy, but I’ve seen nothing to indicate that we are on the deck of the Titanic and need to start lowering the lifeboats.  The natural forces on Earth contribute much more to climate change than we humans do, and we humans have very little if any control over those natural forces.

Some of the GW rhetoric being used, and the spending being proposed to ‘fix the problem’, is downright reckless and irresponsible and is causing more trouble than it purports to be fixing.  In 2008 it caused the price of food to rise, leaving thousands more people in the world starving than had been before.  Most people get prosecuted for causing a scare that results in the loss of life, not given the Nobel peace prize.

Al Gore doesn't do many speeches in the upper Midwest Because he would be too embarrassed to do a global warming speech up here.  It might be less than convincing to claim imminent global destruction due to increased warming while wearing a jacket and gloves.

Global should mean just that – everywhere.  No matter what the climate is, GW folks always find some way to connect it to their belief that we are in danger of being baked into oblivion.  Climate alarmists were pushing 'global warming' until cooling temperatures caused them to change it to 'climate change' so the cooler temps didn’t affect their thesis.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Temperature affects CO2 levels, not the other way around.  So, for example, a rise or fall in temperature will be followed by a related increase or decrease in CO2 levels.  In other words, the CO2 levels DO NOT affect the temperature.
  2. Temperature data of past glaciations from NOAA indicate that temperature trends reversed direction regardless of CO2 level, proving that added atmospheric CO2 has no significant influence on average global temperature.
  3. The earth warms up when the solar output rises, and cools when the solar output drops. There have been climate shifts throughout all of history, up and down.  Why is the alarm raised every time?  Shouldn’t this be an accepted normal occurrence by now?
  4. The slightest warming of the oceans causes a huge release of dissolved CO2 (ocean CO2 is one of the elemental gases produced by Earth’s internal fission decay), just like warming a soft drink.  This released CO2 dwarfs our human contributions.  Recorded data actually match the solar output cycles.  Just breathing causes effects similar to global warming (on a tiny scale, of course).
  5. Here are the sources of CO2 on Earth:
    • Oceans - 37,500 billion tons
    • Land biomass - 2000-3000 billion tons
    • The atmosphere - 720 billion tons
    • Humans - 6 billion tons

    If we use the median value for land biomass, the total for all but human contributions is 40,720 billion tons.  This means that man contributes a bit less than .00015% of the CO2 on Earth, the rest being produced in nature.

    Add to this the fact that the oceans, land and atmosphere exchange CO2 continuously, meaning the additional load by humans is incredibly small.

  6. The Earth experiences alternating cycles of warming and cooling, always has.  Note that, not that long ago, scientists were warning about global cooling, and many mainstream magazines and newspapers were printing the same kind of ‘the sky is falling’ stuff regarding a global ice age that we now see regarding global warming.
  7. Just since the 1970s there have been many predictions by climate alarmists - including people in positions we would expect to have expertise on the subject - about impending disaster by a specific date or year (some about global COOLING), NONE of which have come true to date.

    Examples of Failed Predictions

Things we can SEE that tell us that global warming is not occurring.

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