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My name is John Lutz, and I have been an elder in both LCMS and AFLC Lutheran churches.  I don't profess to be an expert on biblical history and do not have a degree in theology or world religions or any scientific discipline.  I do have a love for the Lord and a desire to be an ambassador to His kingdom.

This site is not a detailed, exhaustive, in-depth study of the topics discussed, but is instead meant to simply be a layman's take on them from a person whose spiritual center is the Holy Trinity - The Almighty Creator of the universe, His son, Jesus Christ our savior, and the Holy Spirit who fills all of creation with the love of God.


Within this site, I deal with a number of issues.  There will be no bashing in any of the discussions, only thoughtful consideration of the topics presented.

While there will be references to the Holy Scripture throughout, we also, where appropriate, refer to what has been learned through the sciences.  Centuries ago a biblical scholar stated that, if we are to gain any understanding of God, we must try to understand the science of His creation.

You will also find links to related sites and additional resources.

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